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Transforming Your Design to XHTML/CSS for Free

If you have a good design, want to transform it to XHTML/CSS or WordPress Theme, and publish it to internet, I can do you a favor for free!
Why it is free?
1. I love Xhtml/CSS!
2. I am a College student, so I have time to do!
3. The advantage of internet is free and donates (All of Mozilla, WordPress, Google Web application are free. if I could do something to you, why not?).
4. The design is more important.
Does it work?
Dave (the webmaster of doesn’t believe that I can turn for free. So he sent a very beautiful PSD file (hard to be turned) to me, said it was a tricky one and a test.
The JPG file of original design comes here:
aquaClick to enlarge the image
I did my best, and it takes me 10+ hours.
My work comes here:
Thank Dave a lot for the beautiful PSD and sending their conversion to me.
Dave’s work comes here:
The difference comes here (The former is Dave’s)
The width of display:
** Auto adjusted full screen
** 766px
The size of css file:
** 10.6KB
** 6.8KB
The size of image files
** 123KB
** 60KB
The expression of YanusC Font:
** Did the best because he uses images to display words (so not easy to update and bigger size of images);
** Look a little strangely if you don’t have the YanusC Font (but easy to update and smaller size of images)
Browsers displayed correctly:
** IE 5.0/6.0/7.0, FireFox 1.5, Opera 9.0 and Mozilla

9 Responses to “Transforming Your Design to XHTML/CSS for Free”

  1. Adam Craven says:

    Dave’s design is much nicer, but both sites fail on flexibility. Just try increasing the text size slightly. I like your approach with opacity though, it’s very nice. It won’t work on IE5, but that browser will soon be dead.

  2. Joe says:

    I saw your post on techcrunch and was very surprised that you could do
    it for free and the example shown was very good, I honestly prefered
    your own to the other one which didnt look good in a small window.

  3. I personally think that he did a great job and the result is amazing. If I ever learn anything about design sometime I will be sure to take Jorux up on his offer.

  4. Well,i like highly your lessons about CSS here because of it let me love CSS! But i only know a little English, so now i don’t how to say or write my ideas for it.
    Only found a little wrong about your work in my browser,
    this means that if it is in a bigger or higher browser window , the background picture in left bottom are found a little misplay.
    But your work are still great !

  5. To xiaojiaoya:
    Thank you! I think I will move onto the problem soon!

  6. JackyMooll says:

    Who can help me with .httpaccess ?
    where i can fined full information about .httpaccess file syntaxis?

  7. I don’t know if yo still do this but I’ll like you to code a website I just make is not ugly XDD and it’s made by me 🙂 I’ll send you a Email with the PSD file.
    Here is the preview of the template

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  9. Corbin says:

    I liked the view of the author. I think and not me alone. Many people will support me.

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